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AboutTechfocuz LMIS ver 3.6

Techfocuz LMIS ver 3.6, an ideal solution and a single word answer for your requirements, developed by Focuz Infotech. Ease of use means saving time and money. Techfocuz LMIS gives you the ability to automate every task, including Circulation, Cataloging, Searching, Inventory, Reports and much more! It is affordable, customizable, easy to use and include a fast browser based OPAC. Techfocuz LMIS includes advanced cataloging features for multiple collection database management and support global standards and protocol like as MARC21, UniMARC, MARC XML, Dublin Core, Z39.50, SRU/SRW. Techfocuz LMIS ver 3.6 is remarkable user friendly automation software that automates the routine tasks in a library expeditiously and quickly. This package is capable of managing Receipt and issuance of books, subscriptions, cataloging, managing fine, generating various reports for Records and automates the overall processing of a library. It is suitable for all type Institutional, public and digital libraries for managing their circulation and stocks. Controls and centralizes the whole distribution process reducing loss of books, over ordering and replacement costs thus saving money and time. Enabling easy data entry and generates real time. Completely Web based. Open systems design for easy, seamless integration.

Benefits & Features

Circulation System

Circulation module handles circulation activities such as issue, return, renewal and place on hold. It manages library materials - circulation type, location and status, borrower type, profiles, privileges and other transactions such as computation and payment of overdue fines,

Serial Management

The serials module is used for purchasing and checking in serial issues. Usually the module will have the following functions -


OPAC with simple Google-like search as well as advanced search with Boolean operators, truncation etc.


Tech focuz LMIS allows you to efficiently manage your varied library and management responsibilities with the following unique capabilities.

Function & Modules

  • Administration
  • Acquisition
  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • Serials Management

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