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About TechFocuz Internet Manager3.0

Institutions and Enterprises are experiencing newer trends like virtualization application explosion, increasing use of web applications and BYOD , there are high chances of security risks in their networks along with increasing concerns on insider threats, vanishing trust boundaries and compliance management. Organizations and rapidly expanding institutions have lead to an increase amount for next generation security, high performance, easy security management and quick compliance.

TechFocuz Internet Manager caters to the security anxiety demand for advanced network security in institutions and organizations. Our solution simplifies management of a company security issues from one single centralized console where all the security parameters can be monitored and configured. TFIM 3.0 enjoys a proven track record of serving well known names across various verticals such as Defense Labs, Corporate and Educational Institutions.

Why TechFocuz Internet Manager3.0

  • Reduced Complexity, Single security solution , Single vendor, Single AMC
  • Avoidance of multiple software and hardware installation
  • Plug and Play Architecture, Web Based GUI for easy administration
  • Real Time Monitoring and Auditing Reports
  • Flexibility Option to suite any Industry type and policies
  • Zero hour protection without degrading the network performance
  • Regulatory Compliance.

Bandwidth Management.

Committed and Burstable Bandwidth.

Time-based Bandwidth Allocation

TFIM Firewall

Intrusion Detection Prevention System

Web Content Filtering

Real Time Monitoring

Virtual Private Network

Anti-Virus & Anti spam

Our Esteemed Clients

Function & Modules

  • Bandwidth Management
  • Committed and Burstable Bandwidth
  • Time-based Bandwidth Allocation
  • Intrusion Detection Prevention System
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Real Time Monitoring

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