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Techfocuz IIMS E-Office Software is a web solution, fully integrated and work flow based Institute Management Software which empowers a Government Organization to integrate all its Internal Processes with its External Processes, from Procurement to Technical to Accounts (including Establishments), Business Solution, which is completely compliant with the Indian Government requirements especially Administration , Accounts , Procurement modules ,Recruitment, Payroll, Pension, Tour Sanctions, Advances, Provident Fund and academic etc.

IIMS Office automation software, web application aims to reduce movement of papers, achieve the “less-paper” office status and easy retrieval system. The system is expected to track various activities of administration, finance and material management through a single integrated. The goal of Institute Management Software is to enable “at a click” information of all the activities related to the institute to make life easier to both who generate the information and who need the information.

The system is also expected to remove the drudgery of entering the same information in multiple files and should integrate in such a way that the information once entered can be retrieved in several reporting formats required to monitor at different levels.

E-Office Software system is to club all applications & process in better management and organization of various process of the institute. The main goal of Office automation software is to automate various workflows and convert on paper data in digital format making it easy for exchange and transactions. The intended application should provide simple and easy to use work flows for end users using the system for day to day purposes and tasks

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  • Effective Cost Control
  • Intelligent Document Flow, Indents are filed and approved within short time
  • Project wise accounting Status
  • Easy Preparation of Vouchers & Bills
  • Latest Stock on Hand
  • Automatic Preparation of Payroll
  • Easy generation of GPF ledger, GPF Monthly, GPF as on date
  • Advances, withdrawals,contributions, repayments
  • Various Kinds of Pre-Alerts(Increments, Appraisals)
  • IT reports such as Form 16, Form 24, Form 24Q
  • Easier Maintenance of Leave Register
  • Automatic Posting of Creditors,Debtors to Accounts System
  • Quick Preparation of Ledgers & Final Accounts
  • Consolidated monthly report, cheque register, valuable register
  • Easy Management of Assets
  • Automated Tour Activities
  • Quick Preparation of Reports
  • Highly Secure
  • Perfect Budget Control system
  • Solution should be fully web based and integrated
  • Access to all employees in Document Flow & My Account(Service Book,Salary Slip etc)
  • Email Payslip facility
  • Bar Code for stores

Fully Automated

Automates the entire activities of office of Registrar of university & Controller of Examinations

Online Application Processing

On line application for Examinations, Reduced cost due to significant time savings and elimination of paperwork by document flow. .

Multilevel Security Option

Monitoring of Fund Utilization against each project
Totally integrated and optimum level automation .

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