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Techfocuz eFMS

Techfocuz Electronic File Management System is a web solution and work flow based Institute eGovernance software which empowers a Government Organization to take decisions fast and accurate.

Now, work flows in government sector are overwhelmed with information flows in the form of Files, Forms, Office Memos and other papers within and across departments and organizations. The physical movement and hierarchical processing of papers, files, and documents consumes tremendous amount of valuable time.

The primary objective of eFMS is to transform conventional administrative setup to more efficient and transparent organization eliminating delays and huge amount of paper work.
eFMS aims to support governance by using more effective and transparent inter and intragovernment processes, in turn improving the governance and the service delivery. It also aims “Administration from Anywhere”. In essence we can say that the eFMS aims at providing lean, clean and green governance with total transparency.

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Indian Government organizations functions evolved over a period of more than five decades are according to strict statutory rules and regulations. EGovernance of these organizations

has started during the beginning of 2000 , but have succeeded to only have piecemeal solutions that are disintegrated and still required lot of manual intervention


Techfocuz eFMS is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Indian Government organizations. It is based on the GOI Fundamental Rules (FR) and regulations and incorporates the same forms and registers used by these organizations to enable faster, transparent & efficient document flow on line. The solution is ideal for

  • MHRD or MHRD controlled organizations.
  • DRDO organizations.
  • Research Institutes under various ministries.
  • ICAR Organizations.
  • State Govt Organizations.
  • Public Sector Undertaking Corporate Sector etc.

    eFMS is a web based fully intelligent document flow System to reduce movement of papers, achieve the “lesspaper” office status and easy retrieval system. The system is expected to track various activities of administration,finance and material management through a single user login. The goal is to enable “at a click” information of all the activities related to the institute to make life easier to both who generate the information and who need the information. The system is also expected to remove the drudgery of entering the same information in multiple files and should integrate in such a way that the information once entered can be retrieved in several reporting formats required to monitor at different levels. The system is to club all applications & process in better management and organization of various process of the institute. The main goal is to automate various workflows and convert on paper data in digital format making it easy for exchange and transactions. The intended application should provide simple and easy to use work flows for end users using the system for day to day purposes and tasks.


    The system will be fully web based with single login facility. System will have administrative module which can be managed by system administrator. System administrator have the facility to create users , set privileges, and manage route of documents. Automatic Backup, open source firewall and anti virus solution also bundled with solution.


    • Fully Paperless for various approvals
    • Advances
      • Festival Advance
      • Housebuilding Advance
      • Personal Advance
      • Contingent Advance
      • Imprest Advance
      • GPF Advance
      • LTC Advance
      • GPF Reduction request indent
      • GPF Withdrawl request indent
      • Medical Reimbursement
    • Estate
      • Vehicle requisition
      • Guest House Request
      • Hostel Request
    • Tracking facility of indents submitted
    • Leave
      • Leave Indent
      • Leave Joining Report
    • Establishment
      • Acceptance of Appointment
      • Joining Report
      • Bigamous Marriage
      • Oath of Secrecy
      • Oath of Allegiance
      • Declaration of home town
    • Tax
      • Income Tax deduction Request
      • Delegation of Power
      • Delegate Power
      • Delegate Delete
    • Consolidated view of User Outbox
    • Purchase
      • Purchase Indent
      • Repair Indent
      • Work indent
      • Consumables Items
      • Stationery Indent
      • Book Indent
    • Tour Sanctions
      • LTC Application
      • Tour Sanction
      • TA Advance
      • TA Bill
    • Consolidated view of user Inbox
      • Query By Date
      • Query By Employee
    • Reports


    Techfocuz eFMS automates the movements of Indents like Purchase Indent,Repair Indent,leave Indent, Contingent advance Indent,TA Indent,tour Indent,advance settlement etc. All commonly used proforma is provided in the intranet so it is available any where in the network . Select the form, fill and submit .The system will automatically find the next point where the form has to be forwarded.
    Each department head will be provided a module for accepting document and verify it then forward to the next point. This process is similar to in box facility in Email server . The route for each document is predefined. There are facilities to manage nodes and route code . The other facility is finding the current position of the document. Since it a web module the user can easily search the current location of the document from any were in the network. This feature will reduce the direct, indirect cost through significant time savings and elimination of paperwork by document flow.
    System enable the concerned authority to submit,forward,committee approve,not approve any indents.


    Implementation of this software is easy and simple. Integration with legacy(Stores,Purchase,Salary) system is not necessary. This software requires externally only Staff details, leave opening balance, scheme wise budget, item details. This can be Import from your legacy system or directly enter into the system. Import/Export facility to Excel for staff,leave, budget,item is possible.


    The Roles and Responsibility based Techfocuz eFMS Architecture allows for easy reconfigurability, and faster deployment of the solution. It is completely based on Linux and it supports an open source architecture. This solution extremely intra operable and supports legacy system connectivity. The solution runs on Intel Pentium Xeon Processorbased servers, which offers high performance and functionality for web based applications.

    Fully Automated

    Automates the entire activities of office of Registrar of university & Controller of Examinations

    Online Application Processing

    On line application for Examinations, Reduced cost due to significant time savings and elimination of paperwork by document flow. .

    Multilevel Security Option

    Monitoring of Fund Utilization against each project
    Totally integrated and optimum level automation .



    • 1. Indian Institute of Spices Research(IISR Calicutan ICAR Unit)
    • 2. National Institute of Technology, Dugapur.
    • 3. Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) , New Delhi
    • 4. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
    • 5. Indian Plywoods Industries Research and Training Institute, Bangalore
    • 6. National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, PUSA CampusDelhi( NBPGRan ICAR Unit)
    • 7. Central Agricultural Research Institute, Port blair
    • 8. Indian Institute of Horticulture, Bangalore
    • 9. Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture,LUCKNOW
    • 10.JKKN Engineering College ,ERODE
    • 11.Pravara Institute of Medical Science


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