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Techfocuz Digital Library Software 4.0

About Digital Library Software 4.0

Techfocuz digital library software is a complete software /hardware solution infrastructure that helps the customer to manage digital data - store , manage and retrieve in the most simple and ideal way. It will help the customers to store all their digital data archives available in the form of CDs, DVDs, files in to the digital library software server in a very logical way exactly like how he stores it in a books library. The software will be having two interfaces, Admin interface and Client interface.

Admin (Most of the time, a librarian or IT manager) can create categories and store this above data in the form of ISO images inside the server. Further, they can create the users and give this powers to access the categories and data inside it.

The client interface is a web client and if the customer is having plans to host the Digital library server, it is possible.Users has been empowered with Content search, Keyword search, photo gallery, Cd emulation softwares, Dublin standard file archive facilities etc, which makes this software a truly outstanding product when compared with others that is in the market.

Why TechFocuz Digital Library Software 4.0

  • CD/DVD Mirroring with support to latest industry standard CD/DVD formats.
  • Group / User Profile Management
  • Category wise allocation of resources to users
  • Digital Archiving Facility
  • Flexibility Option to suite any Industry type and policies
  • 'N’ level Categorisation / subcategorisation as per library requirements

Our Esteemed Clients

Benefits & Features

Photo Gallery

TFDL helps the users to create and organize albums of scanned photographs, uploading of any digital image in any format and also enables slide show presenation

Features of Digital Library Software

CD/DVD Mirror Server Application: TFDL 4.0 is based on 3 tier architecture and it is designed to access UDF, VCD, DVD, Multi session Cd, Software applications and ISO 9660 industry standards.

Audio Video Streaming Software

Multiple number of users can access and view the audio and video archived software files at the same time at different locations through the web interface. TFDL audio video streaming software supports all industry standards audio and video files.

Function & Modules

  • Benefits of using a world class digital library software solution
  • Content Management Software & Digital Archival Solution
  • Centralized Administration of File Archiving Software
  • Content Search Facility
  • Categorization/ Classification

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